Sunday, September 10, 2017

EVS call to Kalamata, Greece

Call:  We are looking for 2 volunteers from Croatia and Spain for the 3-month project starting at 17th of September.
 The topics of a project are Dog Rescue, Horseback riding therapy, art.
The project
In the Dog Rescue Centre abandoned and stray dogs are taken off the streets, cared for and given the chance to find
a new home.
Volunteer tasks
• Assisting with the daily running of the animal shelter.
• Cleaning the shelter and looking after the facilities.
• Feeding the dogs and taking responsibility for their hygiene.
• Taking the dogs for a walk.
• Preparing the dogs for adoption.
• Participating in the programming, development, and evaluation of activities of the coordinating organization
Volunteer profile
The project requires a high level of commitment from the side of the volunteer, a sense of solidarity, tolerance and
a willingness to work within a team.
The project aim:
To create awareness through art and motivate the local youth in participating actively in the society.
The role of the volunteer will be, in collaboration with the Youth Centre of Kalamata, to propose and initiate actions,
activities and workshops with artistic content which through group work will lead to a broader local project.
Volunteer tasks
• Develop a short-term workshop for drawing, sculpture, photography, video making/editing workshop, arts…
• Initiate a youth group of artists drawing wall arts under the general frame of activists aims
• Create video documentaries for the Youtube channel KANE TV
• Create posters and advertising material for the youth centre of Kalamata
• Create pictures, drawings and artwork in general for the websites of the organisation
• Create video material for the activities of their project as well as for the Youth Centre of Kalamata
Volunteer profile
The profile of the volunteer should be familiar with arts and develop competencies in working in a more independent
environment (personal responsibility, sense of initiative).
Volunteers are hosted in the youth hostel and guest house, two volunteers in each room. The
apartments are fully equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, heating system,
oven, plates, glasses, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels etc. etc. etc
Travel cost
Travel costs are covered by the program. 360e for the return trip from Spain to Greece and 275e for the
return trip from Croatia to Greece.
Food and pocket money
The volunteers are getting monthly allowance of 240e, from which 140e is for the food and 100e for the pocket money

To apply: please send us an email with your CV on

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