Friday, July 21, 2017

Marketing Orientations

    Marketing has developed through time and every specific period has its inherent characteristics. When we talk about marketing orientations, we cannot ignore this fact as in different time periods marketing had a different purpose and was concentrated to solve a different problem. Let us discuss marketing chronology and marketing orientations for each period:
1.      After Industrial Revolution companies started to put their attention on effective production and distribution processes.
This period is mostly known as a product oriented marketing time. Widespread thought within companies was: People would buy as long as they could afford.  This is a logical idea for that time, as there were less competition and even no competition in a market, because of a lack of supply.
2.   The 1900s to 1950s is known as a Sells oriented marketing period. This time is mainly described by increased competition, focus on Advertising, branding, and communication.  The main objective for companies was to persuade potential consumer.
3.    From the 1960s We are turning to the modern marketing period which is oriented on market. This period is described by saturated markets and with intense competition.

    Now I want to illustrate general philosophies of these three periods and what kind of concepts are a base for them.
1.     First and the Oldest one is the production concept which states:
Consumers will prefer products that are widely available and affordable.
    For example, some opera companies believe they do not need marketing. They think people should appreciate their performances, and if not, it is because the public is ignorant. Perhaps the public is indeed relatively unsophisticated culturally, but marketing can be used to educate the public.
2.    Sales concept states:
Consumers and business if left alone, will normally buy a few organization’s products. For this very reason, the organization must undertake an aggressive selling and promotion effort
“Let's make a deal.” This mentality still exists in places like drug companies, which push their sales forces to impress physicians.
3.      The Marketing Concept states:
These days we live in a truly customer-oriented and customer-empowered marketing world.
·         Start and end with the customer
·           Love the customer not the product
·         Profits through customer satisfaction
To understand the contrast between the Sales Concept and the Marketing Concept see the diagram below:

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